Psychometric Testing: Your Next Career Step Starts Here

The interview is one of the most-feared aspects in a job search process. Even the most accomplished, articulate and self-confident applicant faces it at some point or another. How can you overcome your fear and prepare for a demanding and complex job interview, especially when an assessment test is involved? The truth is psychometric testing or any form of aptitude test that is increasingly used by employers today can place a heavier burden on the job seeker’s shoulders. But passing a job test shouldn’t really be a difficult or stressful endeavor, especially when you are a well-prepared and competitive applicant. All you need is preparation. Just like any great stage performance where an actor would rehearse the part until they completely own it, when you step into an interview room, you need to know there is no psychometric test that you cannot pass.

What are psychometric tests?

In the current job market, almost any job interview will involve some form of psychometric testing or at least a personality and aptitude test. This will include an in-depth assessment of an individual’s character and working capabilities looking at various specific behaviors such as task completion and team working abilities. These tests include personality tests, aptitude tests, verbal reasoning tests, numerical reasoning tests, abstract reasoning tests and assessment centers.

Once the person who is in charge with hiring you has looked at your resume and ascertains that you may be a good enough candidate for a certain position, they will ask you to sit through a test. Their main objective is to determine at an early stage if you are likely to fill the prerequisites of the position on offer. Many applicants would say this form of testing is not the right way to measure their true abilities and subsequent suitability for the job. But, statistically and scientifically speaking, these have been built in an objective and unbiased manner, and the results are far better and more accurate than simple human assessment through a traditional job interview.

How can such an assessment test help you find a job?

Certain points in a psychometric test will help employers compare results with the job description and determine if the applicant is the right person for that particular position. There are two basic areas where the applicant is tested: cognitive abilities and personality traits. This job test looks at such reasoning skills as numerical and spatial and applies them to various required capabilities in specific jobs. This also serves as an assessment test measuring the candidate’s ability to communicate with his peers, make decisions and judge the effects of their actions in various occupational scenarios.

Are there any personal advantages in passing a psychometric test?

You may believe you know what your goals and interests are but psychometric testing can really be a way of better getting to know your own strengths and weaknesses. These are conceived and normally carried out by trained occupational psychologists who will be able to point you toward the best career moves. At Psychometric Test Guru, you can easily learn a lot of things about yourself. All you need to do is choose from a wide range of online free assessment tests, which will help you improve your cognitive and behavioral scores.

Does early preparing for a job test help?

According to recent studies, the more preparation you have for passing such a complex aptitude test, the better your results will be. You basically need to understand what a particular job requires and how these specific needs will be measured through a cognitive and personality test. Acknowledging the way in which your employer will be assessing your abilities and personality traits has proven to be the key to success. Today’s job interviews don’t just work on a visible chemistry between you and your future boss or the strengths of your CV. Human resources experts have learned in time that a resume can sometimes be embellished, even misleading. But accurate, scientifically proven testing cannot lie.

It is never too early to start preparing for your psychometric test, so begin now and try completing as many tests as possible.

How can our psychometric testing help?

Psychometric Test Guru provides the most reliable and target-specific online testing available. Our test batteries are drawn from 6 basic aptitude and reasoning types, including conceptual, numeric, spatial, verbal, emotional and mechanical. We have worked with reputable psychologists and HR professionals to develop systems that are clearly able to mirror an applicant’s aptitudes and their working ethics.

The complexity of our assessments is due to the fact that we never leave an aspect untested in your personality. Our abstract or conceptual reasoning tests will determine your level of intelligence and your abilities to learn new and complex information. Verbal assessment will look at your way of paying attention to a specific command and translate it into concepts. We can also provide you with a group of numerical, spatial or mechanical reasoning tests. Also, our complex practice tests will evaluate your emotional reasoning, helping you determine in what way your actions and emotions are perceived by other people.

In these tough economic times, finding the right job means you have to be able to outrun your competitors. A strong CV, great references, and a solid work background will help an employer get some basic idea about who you are and how you can contribute to their organization. But positive psychometric testing results will help them decide in your favor, without any hesitation or afterthoughts. Don’t lose any more time worrying about what the next step should be in your work search: passing a complex job test starts with Psychometric Test Guru, and it starts now!

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