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Assessment Centers are more successful and advanced procedures than the traditional ways for selecting the right person for the proposed job. An assessment test is a multi-dimensional approach used increasingly by companies in which candidates are assessed on pre-defined parameters by using a series of exercises. Majority of these exercises are stimulation of work challenges (such has business presentations, discussions and reports) which characterize the job activities that the individual is expected to perform in the given job.

Who conducts tests in Assessment Centers?

 Assessors are usually trained psychologists or senior managers who are successful individuals within their own departments and organizations. They observe the participants impartially and produce potential ratings for each participant which are then used for final decision-making of hiring process. Therefore, assessment test is a reliable method to predict future performance and measure a candidate’s ability to successfully handle future job responsibilities.

What are the criteria for Assessment Tests?

There are certain features which are essential for a selection procedure to be called as assessment centre. These criterions are:

  • Job Analysis used to develop the stimulation and performance dimensions for ensuring the exercises to be job-related.
  • Multiple assessment techniques used for assessing the potentials.
  • The behavioral observations of the candidates must be classified into meaningful and relevant dimensions/categories.
  • Systematic methods used for recording of behavior.
  • Multiple observations used for measuring each dimension.
  • Impartial observations made by multiple observers for eliminating subjectivity and biases.
  • Comprehensive reports made by each observer before the score integration.
  • Statistical techniques used for pooling of information.

Multiple-interviews (panel or sequential), single-assessor evaluation and usage of paper pencil test batteries which do not meet the above stated criterion’s cannot be called as assessment test.

What are the companies looking for?

The competencies which the companies are expecting to seek in their candidates include skills of leadership, decision making, organization, management, planning, energy, behavioral flexibility and communication. The assessment test exercises used by companies in this procedure include group exercise, role playing exercise, fact finding exercise and written exercises. Case-study interviews, competency based interview and psychometric tests are also among the employed techniques.

Why Assessment Tests are used?

Assessment test usage is increasing day by day because of their preference over conventional selection methods. Assessment Tests are unique with their increased validity because of the stimulation of next level work challenges in exercises whereas the evaluation by old methods based on past performance only is not effective always for predicting future performance. Assessment Tests not only help in effective selection process but also provides training to both the assessors which is beneficial for the organization. Candidates are also advantaged because when they see other candidates handling the tasks differently, it gives them insight about their performance thereby improving the credibility of selection procedures.

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